Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy Wednesday! Part 1

 Thursday morning started out with bojagi class.  I finished my one project along with the socks.
It really turned out great.  I thought it would be my last class but we are meeting in Seoul on Saturday to do some shopping at a shop that is either giving away or selling cheap fabric scraps.  Then she is going to show me how to do a bojagi made of triangles.  We are meeting at three at Dongdaemun so I think I will show up early and do some last minute shopping at my favorite place, Dongdaemun Shopping Complex.
Hannah's sister was driving down to pick up some leftover food from our refrigerator and freezer.  When Rocketman suddenly had to be gone to Japan last week, it left basically a week's worth of meals to be eaten.  Hannah's sister speaks very good English and she was really surprised at all the stuff we had to give her.  Her son, who is 10, was a hoot.  He ran around the apartment looking at everything.

We loaded everything into her car and she knew I wanted to close my bank account so we drove to my bank.  It was incredibly easy to close my account.  I had also brought a years worth of Korean coins to deposit and he was shocked to see the bag.  Apparently, Koreans don't save their coins.  Even the machine was too small for all my coins and it got bogged down with the amount of coins and the caculating.  I ended up with a little over 80,000 WON ($70 USD) which I deposisted in Rocketman's account.

Then we went off to a famous restaurant for lunch.  It is owned by a famous trot singer.  I loved the front of the building and it was huge.
 The inside was really cute with lots of plants.  I loved that we didn't have to sit on the floor.

This was just the first round.  They brought additional dishes ending with rice.  I was so full and the food was delicious.
 I loved her lighting.  Hannah's sister had been there before and had never noticed the lighting.
                               She had a couple of her gold records near the cash register.
                                          And a couple of pictures of herself.

Hannah's sister knew I needed to be at chilbo by 3 and it was 3 when we left the restaurant so I had her call Nan-Young and tell her I would be late.  Then we realized that her GPS was sending us in circles, she said it was unreliable.  So she also had her IPhone GPS telling us the way.  Hannah called while we were pulled over trying to figure this out and she was shocked that we were lost so I had to give my phone to her sister because she wanted to see what the heck was going on.

She did get me to chilbo but I arrived after 4 pm.  She went in and explained what had happened to Nan-Young.  I am breaking this post up into two parts because there is just too much to tell with too many pictures. 

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