Friday, January 27, 2012

Crazy Wednesday! Part 2

I arrived at chilbo an hour late and to my surprise Metal Guy was already there.  He had designed and made me a butterfly (nabi) brooch.  Since I was so late, he painted it for me while I worked on another project.
                                           This is what it looked like before it went into the kiln.

                             He even fired it for me.  Usually Nan-Young does all the firing.
            Here is what it looked like immediately after being taken out of the kiln.
                           Here it is after a little more cooling, about 30 seconds or so.
 And here it is in all it's glory.  He did a great job and here I thought all he did was metalwork.

This is what I was working on.  Nan-Young had me hammer some copper pieces and then I applied the enamel.
                                         Nan-Young also made these for me as gifts.
                                           She also painted the gourd I had gotten at hanji class.
Then it was off to dinner!  It was a cold walk but the restaurant was really warm.  This is Nan-Young with her boyfriend.
                                             Here is Young-Soo with her boyfriend.
                                  Nan-Young was taking a picture of the two of them.
                                  The arrival of the side dishes!!  They put the kimchi right in front of me.
Then came a kimchi jeon (pancake).  Nan-Young started to cut it with a scissors but Young-Soo stopped her and wanted me to eat like a Korean.  I couldn't agree more.
They had also ordered a fish soup.  I'm not a big fan of Korean soups that contain fish and not because they taste bad because they are delicious.  It's the fish bones that I am so afraid of.  Even the insides of the fish were in the soup and of course, they wanted to put them into my bowl.  No thank you. Young-Soo and Nan-Young gave me pieces of fish that did not contain any bones but I was still pretty nervous.  Young-Soo even took a part of the spine and was sucking the meat out of it.  I was so scared for her and she thought I was hilarious for being so concerned.
                                 Then the waitress brought out this piece of dough.
                     And ripped it up and placed it into the pot where the remains of the soup were.

                             Here is what my bowl looked like.  It tasted just like a noodle.
 My bodyguard came late and had to point out this work of his.  He says it's very ancient Chinese characters.  Yeah, right.
I had to use the restroom and this is what I found on the bathroom wall. I guess that's how they sell beer in Korea.
 My bodyguard gave me this picture of him being a Master.  I'm not sure what martial arts he is a Master in but he is intimidating.  He says if I'm ever in trouble just to call and he will defend me.  Pretty cool!
                                        I bought this for Rocketman from my bodyguard.
He also gave me this picture of a bird.  I wanted to buy it also but he wouldn't let me.
Here he is with Nan-Young.  After we finished dinner, we went back to Nan-Young's shop and Metal Guy gave me a ride home.  I was really, really trying not to cry but as the goodbyes started so did my tears.  I will miss them soooooo much.

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