Monday, January 9, 2012

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

When I got to hanji today I found a whole lot of cooking going on.  I have learned to eat a light lunch before hanji class because I never know when they will have lunch.  It's not an everyday occurence so I usually eat a tangerine or salad at about 11 pm and when I get to hanji at 1:30 pm I can eat if there is a lunch.  Today, my teacher even brought out the huge container of kimchi.
                     One of the hanji girls had made homemade mandu guk and it smelled delicious.
There also was the purple rice with beans in it getting dished out to everyone.  It was going to be a great lunch.
This picture shows a watched pot doesn't boil.  I always amazed at the strength of my teacher's knees.  I can get down but it's getting up that can be tricky (impossible).
After our delicious lunch I got down to making some hanji coasters.  I am bringing extra forms back home to make them back in the States.
                                            This is what it looked like as the glue dried.
Then my teacher took some hanji paper and a circle punch and hammered out a bunch of hanji circles for me.  Tomorrow we are going the Seoul together and I'm going to introduce her to Satin Guy.  Hannah, her daughter who speaks English, is also going.  I can't wait.

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