Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amazing Ajummas Continues!

I am  hoping to be taking some lessons from this lady when I get back from our visit to the States.  Her shop is in Suwon and she does incredible miniatures.  Hannah, my Korean girlfriend, found where her shop is and it's only a bus and subway ride away.  Rocketman thinks I'm crazy to want to add more classes.  She works in polymer clay and I haven't touch clay in a long time and I'm getting the urge to play in clay.


  1. Wow. Amazing! I wish I could hear the sound a little better.

    (I never knew 톱밥 was the word for sawdust. That's hilarious.)

  2. Your Amazing Ajummas series is fascinating (although none of them look "older" to me, LOL) Their work and the apparent joy they take in their work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing these with us. Smiles, Sue C

  3. Forget the Ajummas... I want baby pictures!!!!!!!!!

  4. The thing I am must curious about is what is the "slightly grainy brownish substance" she goes into another room and cupboard to get and then adds ?color? to and it turns into a "sauce". The only thing I can think of is light brown sugar, if you ever find the answer to this, I'd sure like to know. This was fascinating. I even made my hubby watch the tiny Big Mac being made. Thanks for sharing. Smiles


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