Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling)

 Chilbo was my last class before jetting off to the U.S.  I thought our grandbaby would be born by now but it looks like I may make it home for the birth. WooHoo!  I was surprised to see my old chilbo friend who came in to work on a chilbo piece.  She had just finished and fired the necklace she is wearing so Nan and I had her pose for us.
 I also picked up a few gifts.  I've become quite Korea with my giftgiving.  Koreans are big on giftgiving even for visits.
I bought out all Nan had of these phone charms.
 This is what I made today.  My piece from last week is done but I got the idea to have the wood guy put a piece of wood on the back of it to make it easier to put on the wall.  I'm going to do that to all the pieces I have made so far.
One of Nan's friends always drops in when I am there and I have so many new friends because of it.  This time a friend brough kimchi so I went home with some for dinner.  I love that about Korea!

Today we fly home for a visit and we are returning June 16th.  We originally going to return on the 23rd but Rocketman's work got crazy over here and he really needs to be in Asia. I don't mind since I feel in a lot of way that we just got here.  I can't wait to see everyone!

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