Thursday, June 23, 2011

Presents from Friends

 As my sister was driving us to the airport to fly back to Korea, she handed me a padded envelope from my dear friend Vonna.  Inside was a beautiful bookmark that she had made for me.  I love it!  She is a wonderful friend.
 Choi, my Korean yoga buddy, went on a trip to Eastern Europe which his wife had arranged.  He brought me back this cream from Austria to help my poor knees.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that my knees will probably never do what they should do in Korean yoga class.  They just don't work in the same way but it was so sweet of him to remember him.  I always bring him and his wife something back from the States.
 Then I was surprised to have my metal guy, Jong-Woo, stop by for a visit.  He was dropping off some chilbo pieces at Nan's.  It was for my Korean charm bracelet.  He had drilled holes on each side of the copper pieces.
 He also brought me this lion ring that he had made for me.  It's soooo cool!
To top is all off, the cleaning lady came today and was so happy to see me again.  She brought me this hair clip.  I had also brought her something from the U.S. 

Rainy season has started as of yesterday according to the news report and the weather is right on track.  It rained most of yesterday and it's rained all of today.  We are also watching a typhoon that is suppose to hit the pennisula on Sunday.  I wonder if we will get a ton of rain with that too.  It's also really humid so I'm pretty much drenched when I go out and about.  Luckily, we have plenty of umbrellas!

1 comment:

  1. Becky..
    I am so glad this arrived before you got on the plane back. I think of you often, keeps me crafting!

    Keep in touch my friend.
    Stay Dry!
    Peace... Vonna


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