Sunday, June 26, 2011

Etude House

 After visiting the dermatologist, I decided to stop by Etude House for some beauty products.  Etude House is one of my favorites places to shop for lotions and cosmetics.  They even have a shop in our Home Plus and that's where I stopped.  The gal that helped me out spoke very good English.

My dermatologist wants me to wear sunscreen whenever I go out.  I know all my Korean girlfriends don't leave home without it so I'm joining their ranks.  I also bought some other products for my face.  Their prices are really reasonable.
                               I also picked up this perfume.  The bottle was just too cute.
She also gave  me a bunch of freebees.  I just wish trying to get a pedicure had gone as well.  I've tried for days to get one and I've struck out each time.  The first time was on Friday.  I walked in the rain and my sandals to Home Plus where there is a nail salon on the 5th floor.  It was about 10:30 am and a gal was working on someone as I entered the shop.  She was the only one there and she understood what I wanted and told me to come back at 1 pm.  I wasn't going to hang around until then and my jeans were damp up to my knees so I took a taxi home after doing some shopping.

I had seen that a nail salon had opened up in our complex so later that day I went down to see if I would have better luck.  I entered the door where it said in English "manicure" and "pedicure."  A lady came to the door and I said pedicure and she said, "other side."  So I went to the street side which was a real estate office and asked there.  They sent me through a narrow hallway and a nondescript door.  I entered and saw a room to my left with a naked woman in it getting a massage.  The door was wide open.

I was shocked and took a few steps back.  I heard a voice from the room asking in English what I wanted.  I said, "a manicure."  I walked further in again thinking it was the lady giving the massage answering me but actually the lady getting the massage had grabbed a towel and was covering her unmentionable parts.  She told me to go out the door and to the left.

I did that and never did find the nail salon.  Why would you put that on a door and have it not be a nail salon?  I just don't get it.  Then today we were at Home Plus and I decided to try again at the same nail salon I had tried a few days ago.  Today there were more girls working but she gave me the X sign which means no.  So I'm still without a pedicure but I haven't given up yet and I'll keep you posted.

I have some exciting news to share.  Last week, Vanessa called from our relocation agency and asked if I wouldn't mind being interviewed by a Korean cable television station.  It sounded great and they are coming tomorrow night at 6 pm.  I have no idea what they will ask me but I think it's about living in Korea as a foreigner.  Rocketman is going to get home early from work and will take pictures.  I can't wait!

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  1. That perfume bottle is awesome. Now I have something else to pick up before I go!! I will miss Korean cosmetic shops!


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