Saturday, June 4, 2011

Korean Fashionista

 Yes, even the elevators here in South Korea are gorgeous!  When you enter any and I mean any elevator, you will find a mirror where you can preen and fix any flaws.  Every girl has a compact and is not afraid to use it in public.
How could it not affect me.  Everywhere I go, I see girls wearing cute accessories, from the very young still in diapers to the ajummas.  Accessories are everywhere too and so I have fallen victim to the impulse buy like you see above.  Back home, I may have gone out in a pony tail or use bobby pins to pull my hair back.  Not here, I make sure I have a cute barrette.  These accessories here in South Korea are very reasonable in price and just plain addictive.  Don't tell Rocketman!

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