Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Korean BBQ for Dinner

 Last night we decided to eat out and went to a local Korean barbecue place.  We had been there a few times and they always treated us so well.  You do have to sit on the floor which is not always easier to do the older we get.
 This photo is of the side dishes.  I look forward to the side dishes more than than the main course these days.  The staff kept a sharp eye out and were quick to replace empty plates.  Usually, you have to ask to have a side dish refilled.
 Rocketman had trouble ordering again.  We thought we had it figured out the last time we were there but we got something a little different but it was still delicious.
 We do know how to use the scissors to cut up the meat but the waitstaff always does it for us.  We don't mind at all and they seem to really want to help us.
                                   Here is one of my bites and yes, it did all fit into my mouth.
I also stopped back at Etude House to pick up these cute handcreams.  They fit perfectly in your purse.  Aren't they cute?  I'm going to refill them with my our handcream when they run out.  It's still raining and doesn't look like it will stop through the weekend. 

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