Friday, June 24, 2011

A New Class - Miniatures!

 Guess who I met?  If you were here during my "Amazing Ajumma Week" you may remember the video of this talented lady.  I told Hannah about her and that she was in Suwon.  I also told her that I was very interested in taking lessons.  So off we went!  It is easiest for me to get to her place by taxi and it was about 4200 WON ($3.91 USD).  Her shop is pretty close to a subway station so it's easy for me to tell the taxi where to go.
 This is a sample of her work.  I bought this for Rocketman.  I want to learn how to make miniatures of Korean food and that class is held on Thursdays from 10-4, twice a month.  The next class starts in July and I signed up.  It is a three month course.
Here is a closeup of her amazing work.  This is really a blast from the past for me.  My first experience in polymer clay was making miniatures and my first book was on polymer clay miniatures.  I think she uses air dry clay and colors the clay.  It will be interesting since I haven't played with clay for ages.  She is so talented and I feel lucky to be able to take classes from her. 

I just have to rearrange my hanji class that is on Thursdays.  I think I may go to twice a month with it, the opposite weeks of the miniature class.  Now I can't wait for July!

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  1. I want to take classes! XD
    How close is it to Suwon station?? Can you email it to me?



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