Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class with Nan-Young!

I was lucky enough to spend a total of two days taking chilbo classes with Nan-Young. I always have my camera ready and she loves to use it to take pictures of me. Nowadays I make sure to have her warn me so I can slip off my readers. 
She is using a new platform to show her new work called KakaoStory and I had Rocketman set it up on my IPhone so I could see what she was doing. I chose two projects from all her new work to make during my class. I just love how this turned out. She still has it to frame for me and then my friend, Hannah, is going to ship it to me.
                                 I also made this pendant. This is how it looked before firing.
 After firing it was made into a necklace using maedeup made by Young-Soo. 
                     I also made this Korean dancer. I love it so much! This was before firing.
                                                                And after firing.
                                            Nan-Young loves to draw me instructions.
Metal Guy also stopped by during class. He is the photographer for Nan-Young's jewelry. Here he is using his new Samsung Galaxy to take a picture of her latest earrings.
During class, she took out this book and showed it to me.
As I opened the book, I saw it was a brush painting book and she had painted all the pictures in the book. Here are a few of the paintings.

It turns out it was a book of her desire to find a mate. When I met her in 2008, she was married but her husband lived and worked three hours away. She rarely saw him and was glad because he was quite abusive. She divorced and raised her daughter. But now that her daughter is graduating, she wants to have someone to spend her life with. She's had a few boyfriends over the years but she hasn't found the one yet. I was deeply moved by her book and saw the parallel of the birds and her hope for a mate. Then she gave me the book! I tried to give it back but she refused. She did some last minute touches to it and I videoed it. You can find it at the end of this post.
Nan-Young had me and Rocketman sign a brass square. I didn't know why she wanted it but we soon found out.
                              Rocketman found out that chilbo is harder than it looks.
                               She added some touches to Rocketman's square.
                            When they were fired and cooled, Nan-Young added them to this wall.
                                                        This was so beautiful!
                                                                           Here we are!
                                         This is on the side of her building.
                         We left with presents from Nan-Young. These are refrigerator magnets.
                                          I bought these rings for myself and my sisters.
                                                      She gave Rocketman this tie.
                                She also gave me these two fans that she had hand painted.
It is always so hard to say goodbye to her. I shed tears even though I know I will see her again but I miss the good old days of weekly lessons. But I feel blessed that at least I have yearly lessons.

Here is the video I shot of Nan-Young:

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