Sunday, November 23, 2014

Final Day in Seoul 2014

We spent our final day in Korea with Hellena and Hannah. They had found this artsy part of Seoul which happened to be on one of the local mountains. As we made our way to the area in a taxi, arguing ensued between the girls and the ajosshi taxi driver. It turns out they wanted him to drive us to the area up on the mountain and he refused. You gotta love those ajosshis.

We were dropped off and given directions by the ajosshi but before we could commence on our walk, Hannah needed something to eat. I took this picture above of an ajumma with three trays on balanced on her head. I had seen one tray many times but not three. She skillfully made her way through the crowd like it was something she did everyday which I have a feeling she does.
                                          There were lots of food carts to choose from.
Hannah finally decided on this cart and one of those gigantic corn dogs.
We began our walk and it became apparent that the road was very steep but there were lots of things to look at as we made our way to the top.
                                                              We passed this cute store.
   This looked interesting. I was curious about a dancing grandpa whose performance could save a life.
                                                         Kimchi pots lining a coffee shop.
                                                                        Now we're talking.
                                  This was painted on the wall of a crumbling building.
                                              I was loving everything we were seeing.

                                              Do you see the fruit sitting on the wall?
                                                                      I thought it was so cool.

          This is what we saw looking down. Hannah said this is considered the poor part of Seoul.
                                            These wire sharks were amazing.

 I was surprised to see a tent on top of a building but it is a way to camp outside like we would in our backyard.
                                                 This rooftop place caught my eye.
                                         Hellena and Hannah seemed to enjoy themselves.
Then dark clouds starting to get closer and closer. There was a 20% chance of rain so we had umbrellas but I was really doubtful it would actually rain.
It started to sprinkle which quickly led to a downpour. We and about 10 others took refuge under a tiny awning at a closed coffee shop. We were crowded together like sardines as more took refuge with us. The rain got harder and harder. A few taxis ventured by and dropped people off. As quickly as the passengers got out, some of our little huddled group jumped in. We stood there for over 20 minutes when we decided that it wasn't a quick shower and we would try to grab the next cab.

Luckily, the taxi came by and droppedomeone off and we got in. As we drove down the mountain, the rain got lighter and lighter until it stopped altogether. It seemed that it was only pouring on the mountain. Just our luck. But we still had a great time with the girls and I want to revisit that area again and see everything.

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  1. Is that gaemi maeul (ant village?) One of my friends went there. I'd post a link but her pictures seem to be down.


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