Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hope Market in Seoul - 2014

The Hope Market in Seoul is a must see for anyone that appreciates handmade items. It is held Sunday afternoons from 1-5 (not sure about when it closes). It's in the Children's Park in Hongdae. The first Sunday we were in Korea, we had Hellena's wedding so we waited until the second Sunday. We weren't sure it would be open because it was in the middle of Chuseok - but it was!

Vendors can be different each week. But I found my favorite gal there with her amazing jewelry. I was a happy girl.
She does knotting too but she really does intricate work and her pieces take many hours to make. I fell in love with two bracelets but they were pretty dear at 50,000 - 60,000 each ($50-$60 USD) which is a very good price for all the work along with the gemstones she uses.
Can you guess what Rocketman said? Yep, get them both and I did. You can find them at the end of this post.
            After the Hope Market, we made our way to Art Box, one of my favorite stores in Korea.
Look at these coffee cups! So adorable and I would have bought them except I have around 50 cups at home as it is. But I love a cute coffee cup.
Rocketman also took some photos as we walked around. I've never seen a ajumma wearing a visor and a scarf.
It's "The "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" in South Korea where we saw a lot of these gift boxes because of Chuseok. 
                                                                  Love the name!
                                                     Not sure what was going on here.
Can you guess what kind of restaurant this is?
                             Here are the beautiful bracelets I bought at the Hope Market.
I also bought just a couple of things at Art Box but that place is a mecca of cute which is what I most love.

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