Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Photos Around Seoul 2014 - by Me

Everywhere we went this trip, we saw Koreans with these cell phone extenders. I learned they are called selfie sticks. Eat Your Kimchi did a really cute video on them here. They cost 6000 WON ($6.00 USD) and you could buy them everywhere. I swear every Korean owns one at least from what I could see.
                       I love to ride the subway in Seoul and I found this family just adorable.
On Chuseok, it's pretty hit and miss what is open and what isn't so we were prepared to eat in every meal if we had to. We decided to see if the Nolboo near our hotel was open for dinner and the closer we got, we saw it wasn't. But I spied a Korean restaurant across the street with their door wide open even though they had no customers inside. We headed over to see if they were truly open and they were. It was a budae jjigae restaurant! Oh joy!!! This is what we ordered. It was delicious!
Here is a photo of their menu. I'm always a fan of picture menus even though Rocketman's Korean is excellent.
Hannah sent us back to the States with a bunch of miniature soju bottles. One even has ginger in it. I think they are just so cute so they are still unopened.

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