Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chuseok 2014 Through Rocketman's Camera

                                                      Hello King Sejong!
                                                               Hello Mountain!
 Hello Korean street vendor! I've tried the Korean corn once and almost lost my tooth. It was tough and tasteless compared to the sweet corn of the Midwest.


                                    I love this photo with all the different rooflines.
            At the Korean Folk Festival, I found a hanji making tent and had to make something. 
 I didn't even see these hanji necklaces because I was busy. I'm glad Rocketman took a picture of them for me.
 I could tell the hanji helper was getting impatient with me. Even though, I knew what I was doing, she wanted me to rush and go quicker than I was going. I was surprised because the tent wasn't full at all and they didn't seem to be rushing anyone else.
                           I went as quick as I could but I wanted to do a good job too.
                                     But alas, it wasn't quick enough and she took over.
 I can do myself! 
                                                                 Really, I can!
                       See! I did finally finish and was really happy with what I made.

                    Here it is, finished! It was only 4000 WON ($4.00 USD).
             They also had food. We bought a spring roll and shared it. It was really delicious.
                                Then we saw a puppet show. See all the kids?
            And then we saw this puppet. You may want to skip the next picture as it is pretty graphic.
 And then we and everyone else saw the front of the puppet. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.
Bat kid! 
                    We saw a huge crowd and as we got closer, the woman appeared and bowed.
                                             Then she started to sing. It was beautiful.
                                                                              How fun!
                                               A flag for one of the tour groups.

                                                  I love her pigtails and little backpack.
                                                                            Giant poo?
 Looking out our hotel window is this old Catholic church. Rocketman went out to lunch with an old co-worker and he said that he attended this church as a little boy. It survived the Korean war which is a miracle in itself.
                                                            More pictures of the steeple.
I love Rocketman's eye (even after all the trauma those eyes went through). I love his camera too but you have to think too much to use it. I'm a point and shoot gal all the way.

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  1. Bundegi! My husband ran across a Bizarre Foods show on netflix and watched the Korea episode, so I asked him if they had bundegi and he said they didn't. I'd pick that for bizarre.

    Pretty hanji box!


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