Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Randon Photos Around Seoul and Suwon 2014 - by Rocketman

                                                         Seoul Tower in the distance.
                                  There seems to be protesting going on at any given time.
We saw a huge concert at City Hall, partly in English, put on by the Moonies. I had forgotten all about them.

                            Namdaemun was especially crowded with Chuseok approaching.
                                              I had never seen it with all the flag banners.

This is where we stayed, Fraser Place. There are two in Seoul. The price used to include a buffet breakfast but they raised the prices and dropped the free breakfast. We didn't know that until we checked in. The rooms are really nice and large but the bed feels like you are sleeping on a board. It's not too far from Seoul Station.
                                     First time I had seen matching mother and son shirts.
       The old Seoul Station. I'm so glad they didn't tear it down but built a new one next to it.
I wish I could do this. I can get down but getting back up is another story. I remember once Mr. Choi telling me that the older generation was really worried because young people were not doing this anymore. He said that Korean were unique because they squat with their foot totally flat on the ground not resting on their toes.
This is in front of Nan-Young's shop. She is quite the decorator and gardening. She takes such pride in it.
                                                                         Nan-Young's street.
                                        Paldalmun gate. Home sweet home to me.
                                              You don't see a unicycle everyday.
                                                    Hand Spaghetti, sounds interesting.


                                   This is Nan-Young's building. It's really uniquely shaped.
                                   Nan-Young's chilbo (Korean enameling) is filling up.
                                                                More of Nan-Young's art.
Nan-Young is decorating the outside of her shop with chilbo. It is striking and people stop to look at it all the time.

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