Friday, November 7, 2014

Namdaemun Shopping 2014!

Hellena returned from her honeymoon a week later and we all met at Namdaemun for lunch and shopping. Rocketman and I did a little shopping before we met the girls. I love Namdaemun because you can find everything and I mean everything. It was lunchtime so we saw a lot of this going on.
We also saw this ajosshi trying to drum up business by wearing a big Western nose and cowboy outfit.
                                                            The food! The food!

I had been looking for these kid's shoes everywhere!! I found them at the end of the main street. I only bought one size but now I wish I had bought another pair of a different size.
                                                                                  Hi Johnny!!
Rocketman took this picture. It was so funny to us especially since we were sweating like crazy.
See the worker on the top of that building. No safety harnesses or anything. I couldn't look, I was so nervous for him.
There is a building near Namdaemun called Mesa and in the basement is where you could find sterling silver and gemstone vendors. We when moved back in 2011, I went to visit it and the whole basement was closed off. No one seemed to know where every went but leave it to Hellena to find out where everyone went. She got on her phone and within minutes, she found that they had moved.
                                                                  Bead nirvana!
Everywhere you looked, vendor after vendor of gemstones and other high end jewelry supplies. I wanted to get some gemstones to make bracelets so I was so happy.
This is the outside of the building and it's not on the main road of Namdaemun, it's on one of the side streets. The jewelry supplies were on the 4th and 5th floor.
Look out! Three girls shopping! I can't believe the energy Hellena (in the center) had. She was 4 months pregnant with twins.
                                        I never get tired of seeing things like this.
         I saw that Starbucks had new coffee cups so I picked them up. I have the old designs too.

Here are the shoes I bought. My hanji teacher covers them with pieces of hanji paper to make hanji shoes.
              Yep, I bought an ajumma visor and I bought one for each of my sisters.
There is an accessory building too in Namdaemun where you can actually watch the vendors creating their beauties. I picked up this hand painted magnet there.
                                   Here are the gemstones I bought in Namdaemun.
These returned to the States in my carry-on bag. I just didn't want anything to happen to them.

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