Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heyri Art Village 2014- Part 2

 Rocketman also brought his camera to the Heyri Art Village and here are the photos through his lens. This first few were taken on the bus. Again, see the mountain in the distance, that's North Korea! 
                                 Can you see the ROK solder in the guard shack?

                                   Lots of watchful eyes on this side of the Koreas.
 If you are ever in Seoul, I highly recommend the USO tour. It is run by the United States and your tour guides are highly knowledgeable U.S. solders. We really want to do it again, it was that good.
                                         These are all the classes offered at Heyri.
You may wonder, do they close the door when using the urinal?  The answer.....nope and I've seen it with my own eyes.


                                                        Hannah and me.

                                                   Hellena, always smiling.



                                                               I love kimchi pots!


                               Hannah carried that map the whole time we were in Heyri.

                                                     It was a fun day with good friends.

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