Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dinner with Friends - Seoul Style

Jennifer (third from the right) had married and had a baby since we saw her last year. She came down every night after work along with Hannah to spend time with Rocketman when he was in the hospital with his kidney stone in Suwon. They came down from Seoul which is an hour trip. It meant so much to me and Rocketman to have them there for support during such a scary and stressful time in our lives. She means so much to us and we wanted to spend some time with her, her new husband and daughter.

We met at a TGI Friday's in Seoul for dinner and we got to spend some time together. If you haven't traveled around Seoul with a baby, it's challenging to say the least so we were so happy that she was able to get together with us. We got a lot of food and really enjoyed catching up and talking about the good old days of sleepovers at our place.
Her husband works for the company that supplies pastries to many chains like Paris Baguette. So they surprised us with a special cake made especially for us. Korean cakes are very different that cakes here in the States. They use a lot less sugar and their frosting is more light more like a whipped cream frosting with a hint of sugar. I love them!

Then there was Jennifer's daughter. She is a shy little thing and about the same age as our youngest grandson, Judah.
            I wanted to hold her so badly even if it was only for a moment so Jennifer helped me out.
                                                             We almost got a smile!!
Until she realized who was holding her. I held her maybe a minute but I quickly returned her to her momma. We had so much fun and left with full bellies and leftover cake. Guess what we ate for breakfast the next morning? It was just as good.

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