Saturday, May 14, 2011

Foam Art!

 I've been opening our windows in the living room to let in the cool air even though the noise from the traffic is annoying.  The morning of foam class I heard a strange sound coming from the window and it wasn't the sound of traffic but of feet pounding.

I looked out my tenth floor window to see this.  It was a race going on right outside my apartment building.  I grabbed my camera making sure the strap was around my wrist in case I dropped it and I took some pictures.

 Sometimes when I walk to class I take the backstreets because they are so interesting.  It's nice to get off the beaten path especially when you are living in South Korea.  I saw these two kittys.  They were very wary and wouldn't let me get too close.
This week in foam class I made this mirror.  My teacher knows how much I love Kim Bum Soo and she had a little surprise for me.  She turned her computer screen towards me and all of the sudden, I was watching a Kim Bum Soo concert.  It was wonderful to watch and listen to him while I worked on my project.

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