Monday, May 9, 2011

Hope Market in Hongdae (Seoul)

I had recently heard about the Hope Market in Hongdae which is arts and crafts fair held every Sunday and starts at 1 pm. According to my Internet sources, you took the 2 (Green) subway line and got off at Hongik University, and went out the 6 exit. Look for the university main gate and it's at the park across the street.

Turned out that at this time, there was no #6 exit so we went out the 5 which literary led to nowhere. There is alot of construction going on and it's really confusing right now. We were so lost so we asked a couple of university students where the university was. We had a long walk to find it but we did eventually. Along the way we stopped at Taco Bell for lunchee.

After lunch we found the main gate but saw no park across the street from it. The gate was perpendicular to the main road we had walked on. I saw a bunch of trees south of the gate and we headed that way and found the market. My sources had said that it started at 12 and we were there about 12:30 and people were setting up. We decided to find a coffee shop and wait there.

The picture above was our view from the coffee shop. The little girl had spilled some ice cream on her dress and her mom was trying to clean the dress.

We saw a lot of interesting looking people.

Rocketman did a lot of picture taking.

We saw these mannequins across from our coffee shop. The coffee shop was on the second floor.

This is where they were actually located.

Pictures from around Hongdae.

When we returned to the Hope Market, it was in full swing. Let the shopping commence. Backpacks made from jackets.

There were so many talented artists.

We saw a lot of interesting places in Hongdae!

This was the coffee shop we stopped at as we waited for the market to open.

We did a lot of people watching.  We saw this fashionista.

This was one interesting looking dude.

There were a alot of people.

Interesting shop name. Tomorrow I'll share the treasures I found and let's home Blogger is behaving.

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