Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rocketman Returns!

Rocketman returned from Taiwan with all sorts of interesting things.  These earrings were made by a U.S. co-worker.  She let him pick out a pair for me.  I love them!

He also brought back these interestingly named peanuts.  They turned out to be crunchy and with a peppery flavor.  They were pretty good.

Rocketman also showed me bug bites all over his body which I recognized as BED BUGS!!!  Yikes!  So I took all his clothes and washed them immediately in hot and we put the suitcase he had taken out on one of our many balconies.  Hopefully, he didn't bring any back.  I gave him some Benedryl to help with the itching. 

I was able to grab my video camera when Rocketman's favorite commercial came on.  It is advertising a pill to help men with prostrate problems.  It's a long commercial and I only taped part of it but it's pretty hilarious.

I also taped this lady who has a pretty unique approach to recycling or living green.  I had seen it before and when it aired again, I videotaped it.

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