Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garbage Fight!

 People move in and out almost every week in our apartment complex.  There are two garbage collecting areas, one on our side of the complex and the other on the far side.  I seem to always find the good stuff at the far location.

This week I saw this.  It is very low to the ground and it looked like a vanity dresser.  It was beautiful with lots of mother of pearl inlay work.  It wasn't in perfect condition, a leg was missing and it was beat up but I wanted it something fierce.

 I was hoping that Rocketman would feel the same and help me get it into the apartment.  He looked it over and he was the one that noticed the missing leg.  He asked me where I would put it and I told him that I would find a place.  He thought it was ugly and he said we had enough "junk" already.
As we were arguing discussing the situation and I was pleading my case, an ajumma came over to me and told me how pretty it was and that I should take it.  It was so funny because she was speaking to me in Korean and I was answering in English.  Things like "but he won't let me" and "he doesn't like it."  She walked away with a small chest of drawers and we continued arguing.  I got so mad at Rocketman that yes, I stomped my feet.  I was so frustrated.  The thing was free for goodness sakes.

We finally left it there and went on with our day.  We were returning from a drive and we stopped to see if we could fit it into our car.  We tried and tried but there was no way it would fit.  I told him we could carry it across the complex to our apartment and he wanted no part of that.  Mostly because he feels we have enough stuff (junk).

It was a big (big for us because we never argue) argument mostly because he so rarely says no to me and I wasn't prepared for it. I apologized for my behavior because it was ridiculous and all is well. I still look to see if it's in the garbage and it still is.  Koreans don't really like Asian style furniture.  At least my Korean friends tell me that.  They like modern looking furniture.

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