Monday, May 23, 2011

Korean Chasu (Embroidery) and Bojagi Class

My teacher brought me another surprising way to use chasu designs.  She did the peonies on satin and then brought them to a shoe maker in Dongdaemum to have made into shoes.  She said that it doesn't cost very much but I forgot to ask how much she paid.  I can't even fathom how much this would cost to have done in the States.

 Here is a close up of the chasu.  She complained that the shoemaker left some dirt on the left flower but I didn't even notice that until she pointed it out.
 Here are some of my finished chasu pieces.

 This one I am still working on.  I don't have any chasu homework this week because I'm working on finishing the two bojagi tablerunners.  I am add the white border the the first one and I need to finish piecing the second.
 As I was ironing a seam, I unknowingly had the iron too hot and removed it to find this huge stain.  I had to rip the piece out and recut and resew it.  I will be more careful about the iron setting from now on.
Today seemed to be a day of burning things on my part.  I had a pot of rice and curry cooking on the little stove that has an electric burner.  I had it on 3 which is low but all of the sudden I hear the sound of a pot boiling over and sure enough, the burner was fully engaged and NOT at a 3.  So I have burnt curry on my cooktop to clean and the bottom of the pot is also stained with burnt curry. 

Rocketman does all the dishes so I don't think I'll tell him until after dinner.  I don't want to spoil dinner for him.  We are also on babywatch.  Our daughter is due June 5th but the doctor last week felt that she could go anytime.  She was dilated to a 3 and the baby has been riding very low.  She had bedrest earlier in her pregnancy because of the baby being so low and putting pressure on her cervix.  We feel so blessed that she has made it this far.  She is having lots of contractions right now and we are communicating through SKYPE.  I'm hoping she would be in the hospital before I go to bed tonight.

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