Monday, May 16, 2011

Maedeup Monday!

My Maedeup Mondays may be sporatic until July.  We are going for a visit to the States June 2nd - June 23rd to see our new grandson who may be making an early appearance.  I won't be blogging while we are gone because I intend to hug and hold my children (when they let me) and grandchildren  A LOT during our short visit.  If you ask Rocketman, he would have booked a week to two week max visit but never underestimate the power of a halmoni (grandmother), meaning me.

I haven't been taking maedeup lessons for the last month because of the need to find a new teacher and also the classload I have already.  Hannah with the help of the maedeup shop found me a maedeup teacher in Seoul but I am hesitant because she doesn't understand any English.  I talked to my pojagi teacher today to see if she could find me a maedeup teacher and she is going to try.  I wouldn't start classes until our return from the States.

On my own, I was working on the knot above with cording Rocketman had purchased in his trips since our return.  I thought it was the same cording I had always used but I was wrong.  I spent hours tightening the knot on the right and only 15-20 minutes the knot on the left which was made with old cording I had.  I found out from my old maedeup teacher (I was still taking classes from her at the time) that the cording Rocketman had bought for me was satin not cotton.

Satin cording is slippery and it is very difficult to do the more complicated knots with it.  The satin cording is fine for the simplier knots like dorae and saengjjok.  So now I have even more cording because I have a lot of the satin and I've added cotton.  I had always thought there was only one kind of Korean cording but there really are two, cotton and satin. 

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  1. Exciting! My sister just went to the hospital this morning to have her baby.


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