Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gwangju, South Korea - Part Two

 Our second stop on our first day in Gwangju was Chosun University which has the most beautiful rose garden and is also where JG's wife works.
 I took lots of pictures of roses.  I had never seen so many roses in one place and they were all so beautiful.

                                                         I also saw this cutie patootie.

                                                                           Me with Rocketman

 This is the longest building in Asia we were told.  It's part of Chosum University and it was classrooms.

 We met JG's wife and his old professor and their English was remarkable.  We then all went out to dinner.

 This is how the table looked when we first got there.  It was refilled so many times with rounds of food that I lost count.
These rice cakes were filled with a sugary delight.

This video is from early in the day when we were at the Buddhist Temple.  It's a monk playing a drum.


  1. I adore rose gardens, thank you for posting so many gorgeous pictures! And the University - the architecture takes my breathe away. So simple, so precise, so clean and classic. I could look at it for days on end *sigh*

  2. I got a Mok Tak (the thing the monk is beating on) for my husband. It's like a big wooden jingle bell with no clapper.


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