Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dongdaemum Shopping

 After foam class, I hopped a bus to Seoul and Dondaemum.  It's the blue line I take to Dongdaemum and the stop is number 421.  Use exit #9 to find the shopping complex I talk so much about.  I was waiting for Hannah and for once, took the time to take in the sights.  Right now there is huge construction going on in what used to be the parking lot, they are building a Marriot Hotel.

This parking garage is so unique in that it is vertical parking. You have to drive your car into an elevator which takes you to the floor to park.
 You never know what colorful things you may see in Seoul.
 Watch out for these guys.  They move so fast and seem unafraid of scooters or cars.  I've never seen one walk, only run and make sure you stay out of their way.
 I visited my favorite satin guy and got these beautiful colors to add to my collection.  He only charged me 6000 WON ($5.60 USD) per meter.  I finally asked him for a namecard because I can never remember where he is and I spent 10 minutes looking all over for him.  He is near the hanbok makers and he usually is always busy.  He is on the second floor and the booth number is 2135.  His satin is beautiful!
 I also went up to the fifth floor and bought some things.
 I bought pairs of the two lower findings thinking to make quick earrings.  I left the shopping complex sweaty and happy.  It was so hot in there and you wouldn't believe how hot it gets in summer.  It's like an oven but that won't keep me away.

Rocketman comes home in a few hours.  It stormed all night and has continued all day.  I love the sound of rain and today was a great day to get caught up on my chasu homework.

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