Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Cherry Blossom Time in South Korea

 After the festival, we were on the hunt for cherry blossoms.  All my Korean friends told me that this was the weekend to see the blossoms in full bloom.  On the way, we ran into a familiar Budda we had seen years ago. 

 A gentleman came over to us while we were taking pictures and really wanted us to visit inside.

 It was so beautiful and just how I had remembered it.

 The walls are filled with tiny lights to honor those who have passed.

                                                           The ceiling was so beautiful.

 He then directed us to the path that would take us to the cherry blossoms.  We found tons of Koreans also there to enjoy the scenery.
 I loved seeing this grandmother taking care of her grandson.  It reminded me how protective I feel about my own grandson, Noah.
 It was also a place for couples.  I can't think of a more romantic place.

                                                        The trees did not disappoint.

                                              Neither did the weather.  It was a perfect day.
 I love my camera too.  It's a point and shoot and just perfect for me.

                                                    We also got a good look at Suwon.

                                          A daughter was taking a picture of her mother.
                                           We saw lots of families.  It warmed my heart.

                             Plenty of vendors selling things for the children.
 As we were making our way to Suwon Station which was over a mile away, I caught this scene.  One I had seen many times that day.
                                                           We passed this bar.
 and this woman.  She carried this bag on her head without it falling.   We had wanted to take a taxi to Suwon Station because our feet and legs were tired but the traffic was horrible.  Nothing was moving anyway and the only thing we could figure out was that it was because of the festival and the cherry blossoms.  I think everyone in Suwon was out and about.

We had decided to eat at KrazeBurger and Suwon Station.  Luckily, it wasn't too crowded.  We were going to take a bus home but saw tons of people waiting for buses.  The traffic was so snarled, it wasn't moving.  I told Rocketman we should grab a cab and one magically appeared.  He understood where we lived and started for home.  He was talking about how horrible the traffic was even to the point of talking with other taxi drivers as we waited for a light.

A Korean couple waved him down and came over to our cab, frustrated that they couldn't catch a cab or the bus.  Our guy ended up taking backstreets and got us home quickly.  We gave him a huge tip (never done in Korea) grateful to be home.


  1. What's up with the Swastikas on the lanterns and... why are all the young women in the couple shots carrying their own purses??? Has there been some cultural shift?



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