Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Korean Chasu (Embroidery) and Bojagi - Class #5

 KJ came with a treat for me this week.  She brought a collection of her chasu.  It gives me something to hope for that someday I will be as good as she is.  I loved to examine each piece and see which way the stitches went.  Enjoy.

 I think this is my next piece.

 In pojagi, I am finishing up my first piece and I am starting to make this wrapping cloth.
Her is my recent chasu.  I still have a bit of work to do on it.

The big news here at Suwon Royal Palace is that I quit maedeup class.  Hannah came to stay overnight Monday night and we talked about my feelings about class.  The more we talked, the more my stomach started to hurt.  She told me that I was crazy to continue which is the same thing Rocketman has been saying to me.  So I had her text my teacher and that was that.  There still is the business of my three bracelets that I had left there but I'll worry about that later.

So what did I do Tuesday?  Hannah and I went to Seoul to see a special jewelry artist I had met a few years ago.  I'll blog all about it tomorrow.

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing the embroidery and what you have been working on. Beautiful.


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