Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kim Hyung-Mo

 Last time I lived in Seoul, I met this incredibly gifted jewelry artist.  I bought a necklace and never forgot him.  So instead of maedeup last Tuesday, we went to Seoul to see if he was still there.  He had a little shop near the Hanok Village of Seoul.  Guess what!  He was still there!  But the area had changed dramatically and had a lot of cool little shops.
 His shop is filled to the rim with jewelry.  What I love about him is simply his style.  Of course, I didn't get out of there without buying a bunch of things.
 And quite a few pairs of earrings.  All the earrings were 10,000WON ($9 USD) each.

He also has a website.  If you are interested in anything, let me know and I could figure out the shipping costs and sell through my Etsy shop which is currently closed.  I will be visiting his shop again.  Poor Rocketman!

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