Monday, April 4, 2011

Maedeup Monday!

Maedeup class last week was interesting to say the least.  My teacher was visibly NOT happy about the videotaping part.  This week I came prepared with printouts of all the knots I wanted to learn.  She looked over the makeshift booklet I had stapled together and commented as she looked. 

We started with the first knot which really isn't a Korean maedeup knot but I liked it.  She had me practice it awhile and then we went to the second knot which I had found from a booth at the festival we had attended the previous week.  She thought she was duplicating it but she really wasn't but it did make a cool knot so I stopped arguing with her.

She then grumbled and got up from her chair.  She found a bottle of hand lotion and lotioned up her hands while grumbling in Korean.  She then looked at her fingernails shaking her head.  She grabbed the wrong side of a pojagi piece she had and laid it on the table.  Then she looked at me and said, "videotape."  Oh, that's what she was preparing for.

She allowed be to videotape eight knots which took up most of the two hours.  She then told me to make a bracelet out of the first three knots she showed me.  I waited for her to give me cording to complete my homework and she never did.  That really was my final straw whether I would continue or not.  She doesn't know that I have a room full of maedeup cording.  I wondered how she thought I would complete the assignment.  And yes, I could have not done the homework but I really wanted to.

I came home and picked out the colors for the bracelets and you can see in the photo above how they turned out.  I am not going to continue lessons with her because she is just too stubborn and she scares me.  I had a knot in my stomach the whole busride there. 

Hannah stayed overnight and is going with me to this last class.  She said we can visit my old teacher, Su-Mi, in Incheon if I want more instructions. I can also go to the maedeup shop in Seoul where I buy cording and he offered years ago to teach me anything I wanted to learn. 


  1. I love reading your blog! I followed it over from LE and love your updates. I think your maedeup teacher is a hag and agree that you shouldn't continue with her. Enjoy your other classes!

  2. Thanks so much JBear. I really want to get a picture of her so y'all can see what I contend with. She's something!


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