Monday, April 4, 2011

Shopping in Myeong-dong, South Korea

 We also stopped by Myeong-dong while we were in Seoul on Friday.  I had never been there and it's a popular shopping area especially for visiting Japanese.  The subway stop is also announced in Japanese.  This is a chain I've seen all over and the window is always full of chicken.
 I guess this was a famous place.  They had lots of autographs.

 We stopped at a Mister Donut for something to drink and this "guy" walked in.  Rocketman thought he was a girl but when I saw the Adam's apple, I knew it was a guy.  He was pretty wildly dressed wearing a skirt and carrying a purse.  While carrying a purse is not uncommon in South Korea, I had never seen a guy carrying a purse who wasn't with a girl.

 I felt so bad for this octopus.  They kept him in a plastic mesh bag.
 We just couldn't pass up this hotdog place.  We love a good hotdog.
 This is the inside while Rocketman is ordering.
 The salads looked good to and they come with hotdogs.
 We each decided on a cheesy chili dog and it was really good.

 Lots of people in this part of Seoul.  It was crazy.

 I liked this ice cream sign, corn or cup.

 Rocketman really wanted me to go shopping here.  Wonder why?  Hmmmm.
 They had cute socks but way too small for my big feet.
 Gotta love a store called "Naughty Cat."

 I think these two were Red Cross volunteers.
 When we got back to Suwon, we stopped at a local kimbap place for some kimchi jjigae
and mandu.  Rocketman also ordered some kimbap and ate some of my jjigae.  It was delicious but hot and SPICY just the way I like it.


  1. Helena, it's soooo good. I also bought two clay hot pots that they serve the jjigae in so I can try to duplicate it when we return to the States.


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