Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Foam Art!

 I was looking for a restaurant the other day when I passed this new shop that had recently opened.  It is a craft shop that uses styrofoam sheets to make cute decorations. 
 I went in and met the owner.  I asked her about classes and she gave me a flyer.  I showed it to Hannah and told her I wanted to take lessons.
 Hannah called the shop owner and I started classes on Tuesdays.
 Hannah went with me to the first class to translate.

 I bought this foam saw which uses heat through the wire to cut the styrofoam sheet into the shapes.  Then I used paints to put two coats of paint onto the shapes.
 This is what I made, two butterfly magnets.  It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next class.

Hannah hadn't had any lunch so we found a budae jjigae restaurant.  It was delicious and I'm definitely coming back with Rocketman.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about the foam art. I love reading your blog. Please wear a mask when melting/cutting the foam. It's not good for you. I worked in display and we had a machine with a hot wire to cut letters and shapes. - Robin Milne

  2. Those are really great projects using Styrofoam. Thanks for sharing.


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