Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class #3

 This is what I finished last week.  Again, she had me put a layer of white hanji to cover the outside and inside of the box and then applied the colored hanji paper.  Then she had me outline the box using thin black hanji strips.  I did cut out the top and I thought it came out pretty well considering I struggle with cutting out the designs.
 Here is an inside look at the box.  It is really colorful.  I'm lucky, my hanji teacher precuts all the paper for me and hands each piece to me as we go along.  I wonder when that will stop.
This is a tissue box I made two weeks ago.  It took me forever to cut this design out and my teacher helped me out a lot.   The color of the flower is made by adding the colored hanji to the back of the cutout and using glue to make it stick.

Next week they want me to bring some of my maedeup to show them how to do it.  They are still really surprised that I know how to do maedeup.

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