Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shopping in Dongdaemum

 Rocketman took Friday off and Dongdaemum Shopping Complex sounded like a good place to go.  For me, not him.  I went to my usual satin guy by the hanbok shops and found these two beauties.  They look just like the chasu (Korean embroidery) that I have been working on.  Just gorgeous.
 I also bought some large hole wooden beads for maedeup projects. 
 I also picked up these wooden pendants. 
 These pendants are handpainted on mother of pearl. 

 I just fell in love with these cellphone danglers.  The miniature hanboks are darling.
 How about these buttons?  Dongdaemum has an incredible selection of buttons.  These will be for something I knit for the new little guy coming in June.

I also picked these up.  I was trying to get someone to wait on me and the clerk just ignored me.  I tried getting his attention in English and Korean to no avail when a tiny nun came over and yelled, "ajosshi" and he stood right up.  She smiled at me and and nodded.  I thanked her in Korean and off she went.  I saw her now and then as I was shopping, haggling with the clerks.

Rocketman had planted himself in one of the chairs they have near the stairs.  He had his ITouch and was watching who knows what.  I had been shopping well over an hour and was overwhelmed by the whole experience again and so I plopped myself next to him.  An ex-pat came over to us and said she recognized us from this blog.  How cool is that!


  1. Your blog posts are killing me these days... all the gorgeous projects you're working on! So jealous. I'm stretched pretty thing these days with.... life. Wish I could do this stuff. Can you take me to your satin guy?? I neeeed to buy some of that satin to bring back to Canada!!

  2. You got it! Rocketman just said, "You really should write down his booth number." But I always manage to find him. This time he had the satin piled so high you couldn't see him.

    Name the date before you leave and I'd LOVE to shop with you. I'd love you to help me in the basement. I was only there once and too overwhelmed to know what to do.

  3. Hi Becky, that was me at Dongdaemun! It was really nice getting a chance to meet you and "Colt," err...Rocketman.

  4. Hey Choco Pie! It was great to meet you too! I wish I got into Seoul more often but with all the homework and classes, I'm one busy crafter. I do want to visit the Korean traditional market sometime. I just found out about it.


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