Thursday, April 7, 2011

Korean Chilbo -

 Nan's painting teacher showed up while I was at chilbo. I love Korean brush painting.  He happened to have a couple of paintings with him and he gave them to me.

 Nan had him take a picture of the two of us.  It turns out the big surprise as the wood guy showed up.  If you don't remember the story, when we visited South Korea last year he was at an exhibition I had attended.  He had been stopping into my classes with Nan and letting me know that I wasn't as good as Nan.  So at the exhibition, I wanted his hat and he didn't want to give it to me but everyone really put pressure on him and he relented. 

When we moved back to Korea, I had brought him some presents to make up for the hat. I had given them to Nan and I hadn't seen him since our return until now.  He got my coat and off we went. I had no idea where we were going but we ended up a few blocks away at the Hwaseong Palace Visitor's Center.  He took me downstairs where there was an art show.  Here is what I saw:

 Of course, wood guy had to point out the naked guy in the painting for me.

 Wood guy LOVED this painting.  I let him know I didn't like it at all .  Who likes looking at lady's bums.  Wood guy!

 This was wood guy's creation.  It was huge!  That's me with wood guy.

 This is what I was working on at chilbo when he came.  I guess I'll finish it next week.  He is also going to make a frame for it for me.  I thought I would be done after the exhibition but we walked to his shop.  We ran into so many people and he knew everyone.  We got a lot of strange looks from his friends but he was loving it, I could tell. 
 He sat me down and told me by pointing to paint these blank ceramic tiles.  I pleaded with him that I couldn't paint but he was having no part of it.  There was a young girl there also painting tiles and her English was really good so she interpreted for him.  He just sat across from me and smiled as I painted.  I thought I only had to do one but the tiles kept coming. He wanted me to paint myself and I can't paint people at all.  He wouldn't take no for answer so I complained the whole time calling him "ajosshi" a lot.  Everyone laughed at that.  There were all kinds of people coming and going while I was doing this.
 I took pictures of all the tiles he had completed.  I was told that many people painted these tiles.

 And what is he going to do with all these tiles?
 Tile the side of this building.  It's huge!  I can't imagine but I do want to see it when it is done.  He did give me a present for all my hard work.  

Yep, it is what you think it is.  Rocketman was shocked when I showed it to him.  I told him he could take it to work to use as a paperweight.  But actually, it's in one of my dresser drawers.  I don't know what to do with it or what to think about it.


  1. lol I'm trying to imagine your reaction when he gave it to you. Wood man sounds like a character!

  2. Please keep us posted on the woodworker's awesome project!!


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