Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making Cookies in South Korea

I had promised Jeff that I would teach him how to make cookies.  We had talked about it when I was looking for a blender in South Korea.  They are impossible to find and very expensive.  He wanted to know why I wanted one and I told him to make cookies and other things that you bake.  He told me that he had never made cookies before, not even as a child.  He was very excited to learn how.

I had made some oatmeal cookies earlier in the day to test out the gas oven.  I've never baked cookies using gas before.  They were a disaster with many ending up either burnt or undercooked.  For Jeff's first time, I decided to go with Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies and used the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip cookie bag.

Everyone came down to bake cookies so I also made tacos.  Jeff hadn't had tacos since he lived in Los Angeles years ago.  Everyone loved them.  Then we got to the serious business of cookie making.  I had him read the recipe and we started by measuring the dry ingredients and putting them on a piece of wax paper.  He carefully added the wet ingredients to the mixing bowl.
I showed him how to pack the brown sugar into the measuring cup.

He added the dry ingredients to the bowl like a pro.
I also had to teach him the important part about licking the beader.  He was a little hesitant and used his finger to taste the batter.  Hannah and Jennifer also tried the batter.  I'm sure it was probably the sweetest thing they have eaten in a long time.  Korean recipes don't use anywhere near the sugar that U.S. recipes call use.
The most touching part of this incredible evening was watching Jeff as he watched the cookies bake in the oven.  He was so intrigued as the cookies baked and changed shape.  He had never seen anything like that before.
I was also touched to hear Jeff say that watching his cookies bake was like watching his babies grow up.  Before this, baking cookies was just a chore that I did once in awhile or for a special occassion.  I will never look at it this way again. 

I baked cookies with our grandson once in awhile before our move. I will change that when we move back to the States.  This night I learned that baking cookies is not just about the act but it was more about the fellowship and spending time with those we care about.  Thank you Jeff for teaching me a valuable lesson.

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