Friday, April 15, 2011

FaveCrafts Blog Hop!

It's that time of the month for the FaveCrafts Blog Hop!  This month I'm sharing a cute polymer clay octopus container.  I am living in South Korea where octopus is a common sight on a menu. I hope you enjoy this project.

Polymer Clay Octopus Container
This jaunty eight-legged creature makes a great place for children to store little treasures.
Project designed by Becky Meverden

Materials and Tools:
3 oz. packages Kato Polyclay: 2 white, black, violet, magenta
lavender clay (2" ball white plus 1/2" ball violet)
pink clay: (7/16" ball white plus 5/16" ball magenta)
pasta machine or acrylic roller
2-1/2" glass votive
3/4" Kemper circle cutter or toothpick
ball stylus
Kato NuBlade
paring knife, dedicated to polymer clay
aluminum foil
paper towel
parchment paper or index cards to bake on

1. Flatten two sheets of lavender through the pasta machine at a #1 setting (1/8 inch). Flatten one sheet large enough to cover the top of the votive and the second sheet long and wide enough to cover the outside of the votive.

2. For the top, place the votive upside down on the smaller sheet and use a knife to cut out a circle about 1/8 inch from the votive top. Set the top aside.

3. Use a NuBlade to cut a straight edge across and along the side of the larger sheet. Wrap the sheet around the votive, lining the straight edge with the top of the votive and press. Use a NuBlade to trim the edges. Use your finger to erase and smooth the seam. Use the NuBlade to cut off the excess clay on the bottom of the votive and smooth with your fingers.

4. Press the votive against a flat surface to smooth out the entire surface.

5. For the eyes, flatten two 1/4-inch balls of white into 5/8-inch-long teardrops. Press the narrowest ends together and press onto votive. For the pupils, flatten two 3/16-inch balls of black and press onto the eyes. For the eyebrows, roll two 1/8-inch balls of lavender into 1/4-inch long tapered logs and press above each eye.

6. For the nose, roll a 7/16-inch ball of lavender into an oval and press onto the votive.

7. For the mouth, use a circle cutter or a toothpick to indent the mouth. Use a stylus to indent both ends of the mouth. For the cheeks, flatten two 5/16-inch balls of pink and press onto both sides of the mouth.

8. For the tentacles, roll eight 5/8-inch balls of lavender into 2-1/8-inch-long logs tapered to a tip. Arrange into a circle and press together. Press the votive onto the top of the tentacles. Lift up a tentacle on each side of the face and place a scrunched up paper towel ball under each to support during baking.

9. For the hat, roll a 3/4-inch size ball of white and press edges onto a flat surface. Roll a 3/16-inch-diameter log of white and flatten through the pasta machine at a #1 setting (1/8 inch). Wrap around the bottom of white ball and use a knife to cut off the excess. Press the hat onto the center of the top.

10. Make an aluminum foil ball small enough to fit into the votive but large enough that it sticks out over the top of the votive slightly. Lay the top over the top of the votive and press the ends of the top so that it lines up with the votive.

11. Bake in a preheated 265 F degree oven for 30 minutes.

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