Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling)

 I spent a lot of time at with Nan, my chilbo teacher, this week.  Sunday was the exhibition.  She had me come in Tuesday to work on my bracelets, Wedsnesday was my usual class and on Thursday we went to the concert together.  I loved how these bracelets turned out.
 She also had gave me a bunch of these tags and had me sign them.  She wants me to let everyone know where I was taught.
 I went to Nan's today at 10 am to catch a ride to the concert.  The Hwaseong official gave us free fantastic seats.  It's good to be a foreigner.  This is Nan before she put her hair up and added her signature beret.
 There were four of us attending the concert and afterwards we went to a restaurant near Nan's shop.
 It was sooo cool.  It contained art from all the local artists and it was all for sale.
                                                                  Me and Nan
 I wondered what the dry side dish was because all the side dishes I had ever had in Korea were definitely wet or at least damp.
                              I looked up from my seat to see this scissor hanging from the ceiling.
 They put the kimchi right next to me and it only had to be refilled once.  It was delicious.
 They ordered bibimbop for me.  This was before I added the rice and hot pepper sauce.  They watched to make sure I didn't add too much.
 This is the program from the concert.  It was opera songs and consisted of solos and a choir.  The singing was fantastic.  I'm not a big opera fan but there is something about seeing it in person that really moves the soul.
 They did twelve songs and it was finished in just over an hour.  It was a pretty packed house and we had front and center seats.
I did buy these two tea cups from the restaurant.  I'm going to have to bring Rocketman there when he is back in town.  The food and atmosphere was wonderful.  Luckily, the heavy rain held off until I was home.  Rocketman returns tomorrow from Taiwan and then flies out to the States on Sunday.  I'm planning on a shopping trip to Dongdaemum tomorrow to my favorite shopping center.


  1. Oooh, I like how those turned out! (My inclination would be to have all the pieces facing the same direction, but I don't really know what's "done" with bracelets!)

  2. Nan and Young-Su did most of the construction of the bracelets. There were afraid I would get the words upside down. They were also a lot quicker than I was.


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