Saturday, July 16, 2011

Waiting for Rocketman

 Rocketman awoke in the States to a call from Delta saying his flight to Detroit had been cancelled.  He was going there to connect with a flight to Incheon. You may wonder why would you fly to Detroit when you can get a flight from your local Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.  The flight from Minneapolis flies to Narita, Japan with a few hours layover and arrives in Korea at 9:55 pm.  By the time you get through immigration and customs, the last bus to Suwon has long departed.  The only option is a airport taxi and we have been ripped off so many times to the tune of hundreds of dollars which makes it a less than desirable option.

Rocketman had given me a business card of a taxi service that the Japanese visitors to his company had used many times and they were very happy with the service.  I called this morning to reserve a taxi and was told they would not go to Suwon.  I asked again and told them that I know it would cost more than Suwon but was told abruptly that Suwon was out of their service area.

I called our Korean friend, Hannah, to see if she could get a taxi service to pick up Rocketman at the airport.  She wanted the number of the taxi company I had just called even after hearing my story.  She called me back a few minutes later stating that she had it all arranged.  She thinks they were confused.  Whatever!  Hopefully, Rocketman will make it home in one piece and without a huge fare.  It should be.  I let you know.

I still had to get some supplies for my miniature class so I went to Paldulmum this morning to an art store.  They had everything I needed except acrylic paint, go figure.  So I hopped a bus to Suwon Station to another store that I knew had paintbrushes so I figured they would have paint.  The traffic was horrible and I as I sat in the bus, I noticed this store.  It must be for those of us that aren't a size 0.
I also stopped at the local Etude House for clear nail polish for my miniature class and found these cute lip glosses.  That place just has the cutest packaging.  I also was suprised to still get a free gift.  I'm getting really spoiled over here.

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