Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Hanji Friends Visit My Apartment

 My hanji class came to lunch on Friday to eat some Western food and to see my apartment.  They were curious on both parts and for most of them, their only chance to peep into the world of Americans.  I was expecting ten but Hannah, my hanji teacher's daughter who know English called to tell me that there would be seven and that they would arrive around 12:30.  Rocketman took the day off and was there for morale support and to help out.  He had only met my hanji teacher and the hanji girls had really wanted to meet him.
 I decided to go with our favorite spaghetti sauce from our favorite restaurant back home, Donatelli's.  I had everything except tomato puree so I substituted crushed tomatoes and it still tasted fantastic.  I had some frozen from the U.S. garlic bread that I had bought at Costco and I also made a salad which I served with my favorite Paul Newman's dressing.  I also made some brownies and bars for dessert.

 This hanji lady is Japanese and moved to Korea 17 years ago with her Japanese husband.  She is a sweetie and she couldn't believe how tall Rocketman was.
 Do you want to know what they loved the most?  They did love the spaghetti but they went crazy over the garlic bread.  They wanted to know how I made it so I sheepishly went into the garbage to get out one of the empty boxes to show them.  Then I told them that they just need to be baked or pan fried.  Hannah provided translation for me.

                                               Rocketman took a picture of all of us.
                                                            They really enjoyed to food.
                              They brought a watermelon and my hanji teacher cut it up for us.
 Where did she learn how to do this?  Luckily, I had the tiny fruit forks because here in Korean you just don't pick up a piece of watermelon and eat it.

              My hanji teacher also gave me this beautiful plant and told me to water it only once a month.
                                    Here are some shots that Rocketman during the lunch.
 They explored our entire apartment.  Even opening our curio cabinet to look at things closer.
 I had everyone help their selves to the spaghetti so they could get as much or as little as they wanted.  I had so much extra that I sent everyone one home with some.  They loved that.

 This is me with my hanji teacher.  I have no idea what I was doing but I was pretty nervous during the lunch.  I just wanted everyone to have a good time.

They loved my craft room.  They couldn't get over all the maedeup cording on the wall and they wondered why I had done that.  There were a lot of questions and they learned a lot.  They were also curious about our little area rug under our coffee table in the living room.  They were surprised that we didn't know who made it or what it was made of.  They found that really strange for some reason.

I definitely want to do it again.  It was so much fun and I think everyone had a great time.  Now, I just have to recover from it.  I'm not the best entertainer in my opinion, I'm always worrying about something.  I got to learn to just relax and enjoy.

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