Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Chilbo Class

 Nan wanted to come in for an extra chilbo class to finish my Korean words bracelets.  She helped me so much on the lettering.  I would have been there forever and I can't tell you how many times I had to start over as I tried to copy a word she had wrote for me.  This is the finished project.  I just have to make them into bracelets.  I have to check because I'm not sure I brought all my findings and jewelrymaking supplies.  This move to Korea I packed kinda light.
 I was in for a surprise because Nan's mentor/teacher stopped by for a visit.  He is incredibly talented even though when I told him that he said the same thing Nan says, "No talent."
                                                          Here's a picture of them together.
 This is some of his impressive work.  He has a few books out too and I would love to get a copy of one.
Here are some illustrations he has also done.  He did an illustration that was used in a Korean drama.  Pretty cool.

Tomorrow is the award's ceremony for the chilbo exhibition I had been accepted into.  Rocketman is going with us and we have to be at Nan's by 10 am.  The ceremony is at 1:30 pm.  She is allowing plenty of time to get there.  It's suppose to rain so that will slow traffic down.  This is the ceremony that she told me the Prime Minister would attend but as you learn in South Korea, don't believe it until you see it.  I'll let you know how it all goes.


  1. Good Luck Becky and have fun @ the ceremony! The pendants look very cool. :D

  2. Pretty! We always used "신앙" for faith (assuming that's what that's supposed to be). I've never heard 신의.


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