Monday, July 11, 2011

Bojagi Class

 Here is what I am working on in bojagi.  It's going to be a curtain for my craft room back home.  I learned a new technique which is making those finished seams.  This technique is a lot more stitching.  First the basting stitching to hold it in place, then stitching the seam of the front and finally on the back.
Here is a second row I am starting.  This is also different than the tablerunners I have done since I won't be working in rows but sections.  It will be predominately white with splashes of color.

I also had hanji today and continued to work on my latest project.  Hannah, the teacher's daughter was there and we have wonderful conversations.  Her mom is thrilled and wants to pay me for teaching her daughter and I told her (through her daughter) that  it is a true pleasure to speak with her.  She is teaching me about Korean culture along with practicing her English.

She told me a story about how some Canadian culture has stuck with her.  She learned early on from her host family that it was rude to not hold the door open for the next person when entering a building.  Instead she was slamming it in their face which is the way of Korea.  Now back home, she was out with her friends and held the door open for a boy.  He came up to her and wanted her phone number.  She asked him why and he said that he thought she liked him since she held the door open for him.  She laughed and told him no. 

She also told me that the height of your boyfriend is very important.  She doesn't feel this way but it is how her mother feels.  If your boyfriend is shorter than you, than he will die young. Hannah also told me that recently there was a television show that asked young girls who they would choose for a husband if their choices were between a handicapped man or a very short man.  They ALL chose the handicapped man.  She wasn't surprised.  Wow!

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