Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gone Kitty Crazy in Korea!

 I've gathered my "Hello Kitty" collection show you that I have lost my mind.  I seem to find it everywhere here in South Korea.  I see little girls with "Hello Kitty" backpacks.  I see young girls walking with their "Hello Kitty" umbrellas.  There is even a "Hello Kitty" coffee shop in Seoul which I haven't visited yet.  It's everywhere so it's no wonder that I joined the bandwagon.  It's just too cute!

 It's also watermelon time and I love it!  It's not cheap over here.  In fact, I paid just under 5000 WON ($4.70 USD) for a quarter watermelon.  But what I've learned from the people of Korea is to eat what is in season and I've really taken that to heart.
 We also had a new McDonald's open up near our Home Plus and we decided to have breakfast there this morning before Rocketman jetted off to the States.
 They weren't very busy.  Rocketman really loves the egg, bacon and cheese biscuits and unfortunity we still haven't found them here in Korea.  But we had egg McMuffins and they were delicious.
The seating was a lot different than back in the States as you can see from the picture above.  No booths to be found.

Rocketman left about 1 pm.  It's quite a trip.  First a taxi to the airport bus.  Then the airport bus to the airport.  You've got to leave a lot of time to get to the airport.  He called me from the plane to tell me that he had been upgraded to Business with those new cool seats that we had taken before.  He was so thrilled.  It's good to be a 2M mile guy.  He'll be back on Saturday night.

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