Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bojagi Class

Slow and steady is how I would say bojagi is going these days.  I'm making a curtain for my craftroom back home.  I'm going to start cutting bigger pieces or I could be at it until Christmas.  It will be predominately white with splashes of color.

The monsoon season has left but we were left with a heatwave.  It's been in the 90's all week so far. I went to yoga today and surprised to find the air conditioning on if only for a little while and they didn't open a window.  They usually do and I think the only reason they turned it on was for me.

Yesterday after hanji I made my way to the bus stop and found it empty except for me.  I looked about 20 feet away to see a bunch of people standing under a tree in the shade.  The bus stopped right in front of me and of course as usual ajummas shoved me out of the way.  I'm sure they think I am crazy to stand there and let the sun hit my face.  I do put sunscreen on every day to protect my face.

Rocketman was home today sick.  He felt horrible all night and thought he had food poisoning.  I think it's jetlag and doing too much.  He did sleep a lot today and he is slowly feeling better.  You know Rocketman is sick when he is sitting in his chair watching television and his work computer is not on his lap.

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