Friday, July 29, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling)

 I went to chilbo twice this week, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I finished up on the flowers on the left and also made a butterfly pendant.  I ordered two wooden jewelry boxes which should be in next week.  I'm going to make a chilbo jewelry box for each of our children.  Laura's is going to be the flowers above.  They are sooo beautiful.  Luke loves cats so his will be cats.  It will take me a few months to complete but they will each have a handmade keepsake from Korea.  I had wished I had done this the first time we came to Korea but then forgot about it this time.  Luckily I remembered before we ended up back in the U.S.
 I always love to see what Nan is working on and she showed me these pieces.
                                                             And these.
 My Wednesday class was making chilbo caricatures.  These were Nan's samples.
This is what I did.  It was a lot harder then I thought.
 We ate lunchee at Young-Soo's before class started on Wednesday.  I wonder if this will be a weekly tradition.  I would love it.
She loves to cook and she made us some kimchi bokumbap (kimchi fried rice).  It was delicious and she also had some of her homemade kimchi.

Tomorrow we are going to Seoul to meet Hannah for dinner. 

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