Monday, July 4, 2011

The Exhibition!

 Sunday was the big exhibition that I was in and being my first I was super excited.  Rocketman decided -drive us to Nan's instead of taking the bus since it was pouring out.  We could park the car right in front of her shop.  We arrived at 10 am and off to Seoul we went.  We rode with my buddy, Jong-Won (better known as the metal guy).  We got to Seoul in record time and met Nan there.  She rode with Young-Su who also was in the exhibition.

We were a few hours early so we had the place to ourselves.  We could take pictures so I took a lot as you can see. 

Do you see my chilbo piece in the picture above?  It's on the lower right.

                               I love brush painting and there was a lot of it at the exhibition.

                           Here is Nan, my chilbo teacher with her piece.  She won an award.  It's hard to get         the  girl  to smile!

This is Jong-Woo with his piece.  He also won an award.
                                                        A close-up of his piece.
                                              A couple close-up pictures of Nan's piece.

                                          All handstitched.
I saw the maedeup and was immediately drawn to this dress.  I found out that the creator was also a student of my maedeup teacher, Su-Mi.
                                  Here is a close-up of the maedeup.

                            Chasu (Korean embroidery)

                                                                   Chilbo rings.

                                                                Rocketman taking pictures.

                                                      Young-Su.  She is opening a noodles restaurant with her husband right next to Nan's.  It should be open by next week.

I ran into a problem.  I had only one pair of dress shoes which I had never worn before. I have a bunch of dressy sandals but needed a pedicure to wear them.  I thought I would be doing a lot of walking which I was wrong.  Also, the heel of the shoes was a strap and it was too loose to my heel kept slipping out.  So Jong-Woo offered his shoes!
Not too bad but I declined.  We had time for lunch so we set off in the pouring rain to find something close.
We had a little trouble finding a restaurant.
I found this group of boys playing video games.  They didn't even notice us.
We found a noodles restaurant   This is what Rocketman ordered.  I wanted it too but the girls thought it was too spicy for me.
So this is what I got.  It wasn't bad but it didn't have any taste.  I did eat three small bowls of kimchi.  The kimchi was really delicious.
Nan had run out and bought me these bathroom slippers.  These are what Koreans wear in the bathrooms.  It was all she could find.  So I slipped off my black shoes and put these on for the walk back to the exhibition.  You should have seen the strange looks I got from people.  But I found out shortly that the slippers hurt my feet even more.  They were horrible and my feet still are sore today.  I did switch back to my black shoes before the exhibition started.
                                                       A shiny silver suit guy.
My pojagi teacher, KJ, came and brought me this gift.  It's suppose to bring money to the owner.
                               I also got this beautiful book of all the participant's pieces.
And a certificate!  Rocketman says I have to get this framed.  It was a great experience and if you remember an earlier post, the Prime Minister did not make an appearance.  I 'll never know if he was suppose to or not.  It poured the entire day and there was a lot of street flooding.  I was so glad that we had a ride. 

Here are some pictures from Rocketman's view.


  1. Everything is just gorgeous! That would have been great to see in person.

    I remember having naeng kong guksu (the cold noodles with bean powder) a few times in the summer. I guess it is a little bland. (And I had to get it with no sugar, which makes it even blander!) That was before I discovered naeng myun. I love naeng myun.

  2. It was so cool to see all the talent.


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