Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bojagi Class

I finished up my bojagi tablerunner. It turned out great and so beautiful. I'm thinking I would like to make one of these to use as a valance in our family room.

 Here are a couple close-up shots of the tablerunner.

Rocketman flew out to Taiwan this morning for the rest of the week.  Nan (chilbo teacher) wanted me to come in today instead of my usual Wednesday class.  When I got there she was busy with  Hwaseong officials but she had all my charms out along with all her beads and findings.  I spent the time along with Young-Su attaching wire and beads to my charms.  I found out that I do indeed have class tomorrow so i don't know why she rescheduled it last week.

Also, one of the officials is one I met at a festival when I was helping Nan with her storefront.  He invited me to a special classical music concert on Thursday.  Intially, he said he could only get tickets for me but then he made a phone call because I wouldn't know how to get there without Nan's help. He was able to get tickets for myself, Nan and Young-Su.  I think he said that lunch was also included. 

I just get so confused here.  I really do.  I was told to go back to the dermatologist in one week to have more laser work done on my chicken pox scar.  I went this morning and the doctor just happened to be in the lobby and he helped to check me in since he knows some English.

I met with him and he said that I couldn't have any more laser treatments until one month.  He wanted me to have some sort of moisurizing treatment and a gal led me to another part of his office.  It was like a salon.  I took off my shoes and crawled under a blanket.  She came and first did a light treatment on me.  Then she rubbed some moisterizer on me and covered me with very cold compresses.  The only part of my face not covered was my nostrils.  I layed there for about a half hour and she came back and wiped my face off and then applied a thinner lotion, massaging as she applied the lotion.  Then I was done.  It was about 1 1/2 hours and I was a little worried about how much is was going to cost. 

I worried for no reason.  It was only 30,000 WON ($27 USD).  I should have realized that it wasn't going to be expensive.


  1. your table runner is beautiful!

  2. your tablerunner looks beautiful!


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