Monday, September 19, 2011

Hanji - The Korean Medicine Cabinet Part 4

 Last Thursday, I finished up cover all the drawers inside and out with hanji paper.
                                                        Here are the rest of them.
                                         Another gal has begin to work on this hanji dresser.
I covered the entire cabinet with hanji paper.  That took the rest of class time.  I've been going into class at 1 instead of 2 and leaving at 5:30 pm instead of 4.  I can't believe how much work this is and all the bending and twisting my body has to do to glue the hanji paper onto the cabinet.  It's great exercise.

Rocketman is in China until Friday so I can stay at hanji as long as I want.  I don't have to run home to make dinner.  Besides, I'm getting really anxious to get this done and see how it turns out.

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