Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hanji - The Korean Medicine Cabinet Part 5

 Over the weekend with the help of Hannah and Hellena, I finished the hanji pattern for the top of the cabinet.
                                                                       This is it from the back.
                             Here is a closeup of my work.  It took forever but I just kept plugging away.

Yesterday at class, I had to cut out each section and use hanji glue to glue the edges to the inside.  It took a long time to complete this.

                                       Here is what the cabinet looked like when I was finished.
                                          Then I covered the back with black hanji paper.
                      I also covered the sides.  My teacher said that this brown paper is very expensive.
The front was covered a second time with black hanji paper.  I know what I have to do next time I have class instead of wondering what the next step is.  I am going to class again on Friday.  Rocketman returns on Friday too.  Since I was there at 1:00 pm again, I got to eat lunch with a bunch of the girls.  This time someone had cooked and I had a bowl of rice with about five side dishes that someone had made.  They never let me help clean up although I try. 

Also, near the end of class, one of the girls had run out and bought the hugest mandu (Korena dumpling) I had ever seen for the four of us that were left.  It was the size of a McDonald's quarter pounder.  I kept asking, "mandu?" and they all nodded their heads.  It was kimchi mandu and really spicy but delicious.  That mandu ended up being my dinner.

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